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Detailed Formatting and Styling Guide(PDF)

Empirical researches and review essays (studies contain latest literature comprehensively, meta-analysis studies, model suggestions, offerings and discussions of phenomenon etc.) have been taken place in HJSS. All essays should be prepared according to the formatting and style guide given below.

General Principles :

1- Essays sent to the journal should be typed with Microsoft Word, double-spaced with 2.5 cm. margins on all sides and 1.5 cm paragraph margins. You should use 12 pt. Times New Roman font and it should be shorter than 28 pages. Essays should be sent to sbdmaster@hacettepe.edu.tr address by e-mail. Page numbers should be bottom and center of the pages. Page formation should be in justify format and there should be neither header nor footer.

2- Essays in English are also published in the JSS. After getting acceptance letter, writer should send the long form of Turkish abstract to publishing coordinator.

3- Essays sent to the journal should be contain abstract, key words, main body, references, appendixes, table and figures, writer’s note and corresponding address parts.

a- Title Page: Head line should consist of maximum 10-12 words. It should contain title of the essay, running head, writers’ names, surnames, titles, institutions they work for and e-mail addresses. This information should be given in separate page.

Writer’s notes: If essay is a summary of thesis or there are supporting institutions it should be state in this part. Also if there are people that writer wants to thank it should be stated in this part. This part should be in title page.
Corresponding address: Address to get in touch with writer(s), telephone number, e-mail address and if exists fax number should be in this part. This part should be in title page.

b- Abstract and key words: It should start in a new page. Abstract should be in Turkish and in English with the titles 'Öz' and 'Abstract', one paragraph that contains less than 250 words. Key words (5 to 10 words) should be presented under Turkish abstract with the name of 'Anahtar Kelimeler' and under English abstract with the name of 'Key Words'. These items should be presented in abstract:

  1. Aim
  2. Subjects or research group
  3. Data collection instruments
  4. Method
  5. Data analysis
  6. Shortly results
  7. Short conclusion

c- Main body:: In empirical studies text should contain introduction, method, results, and discussion respectively. In review studies this order does not have to be followed.

Introduction: It should contain approaches and results in the literature and aim of the study.

Method: It should contain four titles which are; subjects, research group or sample, data collection instruments, method or data collection and data analysis.

Results: The values (mean, standard deviation, etc.) to test research hypothesis or statistical analysis of problem/s should take place according to each variable. Tables and figures should take place in the text.

Frequently used statistical techniques should be given in the text like forms given below:
  - Variance analysis: F (1, 123) = 3. 84, p<.05
  - Variance analysis for two or more variable: F(1, 141) = 4.08, HOK = 1.21 p<.05
  - HOK: Error Mean of Squares
  - While reporting regression analysis R, RF, Beta, T and P values should be given; while reporting factor analysis each factor loading and variance information each factor explains should be given.

Discussion: It should contain explanation and discussion of research results in the light of literature

d - References: For further information “Reference List” part should be seen.

e- Appendixes: It should start in a new page. It contains additional information like scales used in the research.

f- Tables: They should be in their own places in the main body. Table numbers and titles should be above the tables. In the table titles initial letter of only first word should be capitalized, other words should be all small letters.

g- Figure Titles and Figures: They should be in their own places in the main body. Figure numbers and titles should be under the figures. In the figure titles initial letter of only first word should be capitalized, other words should be all small letters.

4- Citation can be done only with referring the essay in HJSS. People or institutions that cite wrongly are responsible against the law.

5- Essays sent to HJSS do not be sent back if they are issued or not.

6- Publication committee can change the words if they consider it necessary.

7- Kurallara uymayan yazılar yayınlanmaz.

8- No fee is paid for issued essays in HJSS.

9- It is required to keep all data of issued essays for 5 years by the writer/s. Data and analysis programs of some essays can be requested accordingly both our publication policy and rules of affiliated international publication institutions.

10- One copy of essay issued in HJSS is sent to the writer/s.

11- Acceptation or rejection response of the essays can change according to the duration of scientific advisory board’s examination.

12- Writer/s accept that the essay is original, it was not sent to another journal to be published, it was not published before, it is obeyed the principles for human and animal research recommended in the Helsinki Declaration, they took all responsibility to get permission for using the scale, survey, inventory, test etc., they took all responsibility for opinions expressed in the essay and give copyright to Hacettepe Journal of Sport Sciences.

You can communicate with publishing coordinator for further information.


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